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The Hardin Family

Pastor Brock and his lovely wife Brenn were high school sweethearts at Heavener High School. Shortly after graduating they got married on May 31, 2008. They now have three adorable children - Noah, Khloe, and Phoebe. Together Brock and Brenn are raising their children to love Jesus and the church.  The Hardin family is dedicated to serving Jesus and their love for the church is evident in their lives daily. Brock and Brenn love God's people and love seeing them grow deeper in a relationship with Christ.


More about Pastor Brock

Brock became the pastor of FBC in June 2017.  When Brock was 18 years old the Holy Spirit got a hold of his heart and changed him forever.  He repented of his sins and by faith trusted in Jesus for salvation.  Within two weeks he surrendered to the ministry. In 2006 he joined the FBC staff and stayed until 2009.  He came back as student pastor in 2011.  


Brock is a dynamic individual whose passion is to see people come to know Christ and to disciple them. Brock's vision is to see Heavener First Baptist become a church built on discipleship. It is his heart's desire to lead the church in living out the Great Commission. Brock's great leadership abilities and a consuming burden for the nations, he plans to make the Gospel known to the entire world.

Contact Brock

Call, text or email me with any questions or if you want to know more about salvation and the Gospel.


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