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Sunday Small Groups

Sundays @ 9:30am

The Bible says in Proverbs 27:17 that, "As iron sharpens iron, so one person sharpens another." At FBC Heavener we want to give you the opportunity to not only meet new people here, but also the opportunity to study God's Word and to meet with other believers. There are classes for people of all ages and backgrounds.

FBCH Sunday Small Groups 


All classes meet @ 9:30am on Sunday’s.


Nursery / 1-2 Year Olds

Karen Sullivan & Chelsea Baker


Infants - Room 104

3-4 Year Olds

Mary Pickle & Kayla Phipps


3 & 4 Yrs Old Rooms 109 & 110


Shirley O’Dell & Skyla Duncan


Kindergarten Room 201


1st Grade

Makaylee Wilson & Cheyanne Higgins


Room 209 upstairs

2nd Grade

Amber Hildebrant


207 upstairs

3rd Grade

Faye Smith & Diane Duncan


205 upstairs

4th Grade 

Brenn Hardin 918-839-4994

Downstairs by Kids Church

5th & 6th Grade Girls

Billie Luman and Adrianna Shipman


202 upstairs

5th & 6th Grade Boys

Farrell and Linda Duncan


211 upstairs


7-12 Grade Boys

Pete Scott and Bobby Pickle 


7-12 Grades Youth Building

7-12 Grade Girls

Makenzie Luman and Keli Cartwright


7-12 Grades Youth Building 




          Middle Aged to Mature Adults who study God’s word deeply and with application.

Aaron Alexander 918-721-3449

Coed - Ages 30+ Fellowship Hall


Ladies with mixed ages who long to know God better and always recognize his great love for them.

Elaine Staines 479-923-4535

Women - Ages 30+ Room 122

Young Adult

 College students, young singles, and young parents who study scripture and discuss God’s word and how it applies to them daily.

This group longs to understand their place in the church and how they can best serve Jesus where they are.

Ed & Yolanda Wilson 918-647-6496

Coed - Ages 18 to 29 Room 117

Prayer Warriors

     Women who study God’s word energetically and emphasize the importance of prayer while practicing it.

Brenda Pelanconi 918-653-5690

Women of all ages - Room 125

Rocky Road

Mature adults who study God’s word and discuss the true meaning of the text.

Marvin Meredith 918-385-1302

Coed  - Ages 40 and up - Room 123

Adult 2C Coed

 Mature adults who seek to glorify God through bible study and discussion. 

Donnie Killion 918-647-6349

Coed - Ages 50 and up - Scott Center

Adult Men

Mature men who study scripture and discuss how they can apply it to their lives each day.

Ray Caughern 918-649-7261

Men - Ages 60+ Room 126A


Mature adults who walk through God’s word together as they discuss it and reflect on what God wants them to know and live by.

Joey Clubb 918-649-4109

Coed - Ages 60+ Fellowship Hall


Mature Ladies who study through the bible study Masterwork. These ladies have a desire to grow in knowledge and understanding of God’s word.

Wanda Ryburn 918-413-9896

Women - Ages 60+ Room 124

Hope Center

 Adults that have been through times of struggle and grief that come together and learn how Jesus is greater than any pain or fear. He loves all and heals all through salvation.

Randy Mattox 310-728-0792

Coed - Ages 18+ Hope Center

 We would love for you to connect with a Small Group this Sunday. Contact the office at 918-653-7788 for more information.


Church Staff and Personnel

Pastor - Brock Hardin 918-649-4141

Student Pastor - Dalton Luman 918-658-8402

Preschool Director – Makenzie Luman 918-647-6012

Children’s Minister – Jagger Nikkel 918-658-4363

Secretary - Katelyn McGee 479-879-2487

Records Clerks – Gloria Meredith 

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